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Whiter teeth in just 20 minutes!

  •  LED-activated teeth-whitening system

  •  Safe on enamel

  •  Natural ingredients

  •  Causes little to no sensitivity

  •  Removes stains and plaque 

  •  Fights bacteria and gingivitis

  •  Registered natural health product


SunnaSmile Natural Teeth Whitening

SunnaSmile uses patented Blue and Red LED-light technology and is a registered natural health product. The Blue light accelerates the whitening gel formula, resulting in rapid, effective, safe and long-lasting teeth whitening. The Red light is used to heal oral tissue at the same time. SunnaSmile is enamel safe, effective and pain free.  It is safe, effective and pain-free. + Natural Ingredients + Remineralizes + Tooth Friendly Xylitol + Fights Bacteria and Gingivitis + Removes Plaque and Protects Enamel + Removes Stains from Caps, Crowns and Veneers. 



Average results per session is 2-4 shades in just 20 minutes!

(We will prep your teeth during your session, but you are welcome to brush your teeth before you come in.  Be careful to not nick or irritate your gums before your session so if you do not floss daily, we recommend that you skip the floss prior to your treatment.)


 Ibright Smartphone Whitening System is 16 LED lights built into a tray that plugs straight into your smartphone or USB for power. It comes with (3) 3 ml syringes. Simply fill the tray and process for 20-30 minutes to get 2-3 shades whiter. You can use it 3-4 days in a row or until your teeth are as white as you want them to be and use for touch-ups whenever desired.

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